The doomsday relics of the Nazi rocket program, reborn.


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Kirkus Reviews - A complex thriller that offers new revelations up until the very end. Nazi war secrets, Cold War politics, modern space technology and science fiction come together in Thomas and Thurkettle's debut historical thriller.  The novel kicks into high gear at the very start, with a curious, creepy prologue that takes place in President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Oval Office; the rest of the story takes place primarily in 1999, with frequent flashbacks to the 1940s and '60s. The various timelines' twists and turns introduce many new characters, and offer clues to the primary mystery. As the action builds toward the book's climax, the puzzle pieces click satisfyingly and unpredictably into place. The authors skillfully manage the multiple time frames and large cast, and never leave any plot threads dangling. The book's science-fiction element drives the major plot twists, but the most engaging scenes are those in which readers learn the real relationships and histories between the characters.   

IndieReader- 4.5 Stars - SEEING BY MOONLIGHT is an intriguingly dark thriller, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages up until the rather surprising conclusion. The author has a gift for revealing information in drips and drops, increasing the mystery and deepening the plot while not giving away too much at once.  

Readers' Favorite- 5 Stars - "M.F. Thomas and Nicholas Thurkettle's literary thriller, SEEING BY MOONLIGHT, is...a marvelous book indeed, and it's very highly recommended."

Blue Ink Review - "[Seeing by Moonlight] hits many of the genre points in fine form, delivering plenty of action and mystery.  The novel is consistently engaging, and the authors have real talent that should bear fruit on subsequent endeavors." - Editorial: Why Space Is Popular Again Sample Chapter 

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